2014 Lightning In A Bottle Contest

June 19: Award Presentation Ceremony

Quorum / University City Science Center

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Have a game-changing idea that can help Philly grow?

“Catching lightning in a bottle” has been defined as “capturing something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it and show it to the world.” It seemed like the perfect way to describe what ab+c Creative Intelligence has planned for a Philadelphia-based business with an idea big enough to tell the world about.

What we’re doing

ab+c is enlisting the help of a blue-ribbon panel of judges to decide who should win a year’s worth of creative marketing services—free of charge. If you’re a Philly-based business with a viable product that’s ready to go to market, or an innovative way to create new jobs, or maybe a new service to benefit city residents, tell us about it!

The winner will receive marketing services for one year from ab+c Creative Intelligence worth $60,000, plus other services from event partners to be determined. We will work with the winner to determine the best solution to meet their business goals. Services may include market research, branding, social media, media planning and negotiations, public relations strategy, or creative services.


David Borgenicht

David Borgenicht

Quirk Books
Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman

John Hawkins

John Hawkins

ab+c Creative Intelligence
Drew Kondylas

Drew Kondylas

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Erica Rubach

Erica Rubach

NBC Universal
Rip Tilden

Rip Tilden

Chair of Senior Executive Group of Philadelphia
Carolyn Vivaldi

Carolyn Vivaldi

Saint Joseph’s University
Joel Vardy

Joel Vardy

Innovation Leadership Forum
Mel Baiada

Mel Baiada

BaseCamp Ventures
David Sorin

David Sorin

Management Mpowerment Associates
James Astrachan

James Astrachan

Astrachan Gunst Thomas, P.C.


Entries are now closed and finalists have been chosen. Congratulations and good luck to our ten finalists.

Learn more about them by visitng their websites or view their entries in the completion.

What’s next?

These ten finalists have been chosen by representatives of ab+c Creative Intelligence to present in person to the panel of judges on Friday, June 6 at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Finalists will have five minutes to state the case for their idea in any format they choose.

Among other considerations, the judges will take into account the following criteria:

  • How will the idea help Philadelphia grow?
  • Is the idea marketable?
  • What is the idea’s potential impact?
  • Does the idea have scalability?
  • Is the idea sustainable?
  • How realistic is the idea?

The sole winner will be announced at a live award ceremony on Thursday, June 19.

May the best idea win.

Meet Your 10 Finalists:


  1. Mar 31

    Panelist kickoff happy hour

  2. Apr 1

    Promotion period begins

  3. Apr 14

    Contest begins—Submissions and voting open

  4. May 28

    Online submissions and voting ends

  5. May 30

    Finalists notified

  6. Jun 6

    In-person presentation at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

  7. Jun 9

    Panelists rank contestants to determine winner

  8. Jun 19

    Award presentation ceremony

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ab+c Creative Intelligence

Who are we?

We’re ab+c Creative Intelligence. Check us out online. We’re the real deal. In fact, as a full-service branding agency, ab+c has more than 40 years of experience marketing businesses in the Philadelphia region. In 2010, we acquired the Al Paul Lefton Company, a Philadelphia advertising institution since 1928. And we’re as committed as ever to helping our city prosper.

Get Involved

Become a sponsor:

Join us in our search for the next game-changing idea to come out of a Philadelphia-based company.

As a sponsor of the competition, you’ll have plenty of different ways to get involved, including:

  • Donating advertising inventory (space, airtime, billboard)
  • Providing video production services
  • Providing professional services (legal, accounting, staffing)
  • Offering an award presentation venue or catering
  • Helping with contest promotion
  • Making a financial contribution

Get in on the ground floor by helping to capture the “lightning.” Ensure a better future for Philadelphia’s economy and make our city stronger.